Mario Sepe: Instinctual Freedom and Inner Energy

The sign, in the painting of Mario Sepe, breaks up to take on the sinuous and hypnotic movements of the re-defined. The artist finds in the optic harmony his best form of expression and embarks on a new journey that places him among the best performers of Italian Informal Art.

The recounting one’s own emotional experiences through art, here takes on archetypal and cathartic meanings, that see in the message underlying the creation their more real solution.

In Sepe the curves drawn on the canvas become the contours of the soul: a world not yet defined, a parallel and metaphysical reality in continuous evolution. His language makes use of strong-toned colors, coming out in favor of intense hues designed as a fundamental element of the painting result.

The sign becomes more and more incisive and wide, so that his brush strokes seem to scratch the canvas to see what it hides: its very essence. The soul understood as the “non-place” par excellence and so as a new research area to explore.

We are in the presence of a production that is never identical to itself or pure stylistic

exercise, but a declaration of desire of renewal and search for themes and constructs.

Of course, why is research that accompanies the birth of true art.

Mario Sepe in these years of research has developed a painting made of gestural and chromatic outbursts through the use of a wide range of shades of blue, red, yellow and even black, of technical and stylistic choices, expressing will to go to the root of things, in order to understand them.

Painting after painting he is identifying his own language made of still experimental alphabets; but already directed towards a poetic and internal painting. A painting arising from the perceptual instinct and from Mario Sepe’s more intimate and deeper emotions, and that allows us to know this talented and highly expressive artist’s great introspective skills.

Sandro Serradifalco

Sepe Mario_Effetto Arte

Mario Sepe: Instinctual Freedom and Inner EnergyMario Sepe


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